Boardgame Day 1/31/2016

Board game day was a lot of fun. We started off light with a game of Exploding Kittens (the “not safe for work” version). Then moved on to Hanabi – a cooperative game where you try to build the best fireworks display.

We started a game of Keyflower after that. We were up to Summer when Tom B. and Rodney arrived. So they played a game of “Race – Formula 90” while we finished Keyflower.

The next game we played was “Colt Express”. This game was great because of the cool cardboard train.

The final game played was “Race – Formula 90” for the group (Derek and RJ left before this game).

Bruce Carson
Steven Bill
Steven Horn
Derek Dunn
RJ Dunn
Zac Merchant
Thomas Ballou
Rodney Fernald