Boardgame Day 1/1/2017: After Action Report

We had a great time at the game day.  Here’s the 10 people who attended:

Steven Bill, Steven Horn, Jim Harms, Keith Haynes, Derek Dunn, Nora Dunn, Roger Jarrett, Jerry Lane, Bruce Carson, Charles Brown.

We played these games (some of the simultaneously):

Glass Road
Unexploded Cow
Blockade Runner
Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails

Perhaps next time, even more people can attend!

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Officers for 2017 (re-)elected

On October 22nd a BGB club meeting and Havoc coordination meeting was held at Bruce Carson’s house in Westford, MA.

A key part of that meeting was electing officers for the 2016-2017 year.  The current officers were re-elected in a unanimous vote.  You can view the current officers on this page: /officers/


Website Updates

The website has been updated to include a list of actively paid-up members and club officers. A special screen is available to pay your dues, currently only $15 / year. All dues run from October to October (there is no pro-ration of dues amounts if you pay or signup late).

All active members get a log in to the Battlegroup Boston site so that they can create Posts that other members can see and react to.  Typical posts will be for game announcements and AARs (after-action reports).  Photos and/or diagrams can be included as desired.

Posting Comments:
Because of the high volume of spam, you must be logged in to add a comment to a post. All members (past and present) may add comments – please contact Bruce Carson to have a “commenting” account created.

Boardgame Day 1/31/2016

Board game day was a lot of fun. We started off light with a game of Exploding Kittens (the “not safe for work” version). Then moved on to Hanabi – a cooperative game where you try to build the best fireworks display.

We started a game of Keyflower after that. We were up to Summer when Tom B. and Rodney arrived. So they played a game of “Race – Formula 90” while we finished Keyflower.

The next game we played was “Colt Express”. This game was great because of the cool cardboard train.

The final game played was “Race – Formula 90” for the group (Derek and RJ left before this game).

Bruce Carson
Steven Bill
Steven Horn
Derek Dunn
RJ Dunn
Zac Merchant
Thomas Ballou
Rodney Fernald

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